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Welcome to the AT School Share (ATSS)

The AT School Share is a secure online Assistive Technology (AT) inventory tracking and device sharing tool created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Massachusetts school systems. This potentially cost-saving program is part of the state's AT initiative program called MassMATCH. JOIN FOR FREE!

  • Overview
  • Highlighted Features
  • Steps to Get Started
  • Participating Schools


Many schools have purchased Assistive Technology (AT) devices for students who have graduated or moved out of district. Many of the AT devices, special keyboards or mice, software, laptops, communication devices, wheelchairs and more are in a closet, on a shelf, in a desk drawer – not being used.

What if another student in your district or across the state could benefit from that AT device? Help recycle and reuse unused AT devices with the AT School Share! This is a "members only" online sharing tool for Massachusetts School systems.

The AT School Share allows participating entities (e.g. collaboratives, public/charter school districts, and private/public schools) to track their inventory of Assistive Technology devices. It is also designed to encourage the recycling of devices that are no longer in use and that have been marked as available for "sharing" (e.g. short or long term loan or sale/donation) to others.

Anyone can search the listings of devices that are on the AT School Share web site but only approved, logged in users can contact listers and track their own inventory.

Find out if your collaborative, district or school is participating. Get started today for FREE. Contact us!

Highlighted Features

Manage Inventory

  • Store detailed information about Assistive Technology devices including device name, description, manufacturer, unique tracking code, serial number, location, photos, YouTube videos etc
  • Choose who is/isn't eligible to borrow the item, if it's available for a Professional Consultation etc.

Search Listings

  • View your own inventory or search the entire AT School Share
  • Find devices by keyword, by category, by listing type, by availability, and/or proximity to a zipcode

Request a "Share" (short/long-term loans and/or permanent exchanges)

  • Browse for items, add them to a wishlist, finalize wishlist and submit request to borrow/purchase the item

Manage Communication using Internal Message System

  • All communication from users within the system are stored internally and can be archived for historical purposes
  • View all messages, ability to mark them read/unread, and reply

Manage Reports

  • View summary report of all devices in own inventory
  • View summary report of how many transactions (loans/exchanges) were completed during a given time period
  • View summary report for all items out on loan and when due back

Steps to Get Started

If your collaborative, district, or school IS NOT yet participating and you're interested in joining the AT School Share:

  1. Contact us to let us know you want to get started.
  2. Review the AT School Share Terms & Conditions (PDF or WORD) sign the agreement form and mail/fax back to MassMATCH.
  3. MassMATCH will contact you, approve your application and set up the necessary User Accounts for online access.

If your collaborative, district, or school IS participating but you need online access:

  1. Comple the AT School Share Request User Account (PDF or WORD) form and mail/fax back to MassMATCH and we'll setup a user account for you.
  2. An administrator will approve your user account and you will be notified by email.
  3. Once approved (depending on your access level) you can login and manage your inventory items (add item details including photos, etc), search the AT School Share for items to possibly borrow, send messages to other Inventory Managers, make a share request, view your inventory reports and more.

Participating Schools

You can use the Quick Search box to enter keyword search criteria and then select the field from the dropdown in which to find that criteria. For example:

  • Type in the name (or portion of the name) of your collaborative, district or school and select Name from the dropdown to filter the results to find only those containing the search criteria.
  • Type in the city (or portion of the city) and select City from the dropdown to filter the results to find only those containing the search criteria.
  • Type in Yes and select Active from the dropdown to filter results to find only those that are active. Type No to see the not active ones and Pending to see the pending ones.


If your school is not yet participating and you're interested in joining the AT School Share please contact us to get started.


MassMATCH is continuing to develop and fine-tune the AT School Share web site and its functionality (currently in a Pilot Program) so that it best serves the Massachusetts School systems. Approved entities and their users participate as “beta-testers” and can expect to be contacted for feedback and for recommendations for how to improve the program. MassMATCH may solicit feedback by phone and/or email. Feel free to contact us with your feedback.